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Folk Blues and Beyond (Hope Valley) is named after an album by the great folk and blues singer/songwriter Davy Graham began with it's first Acoustic Session on the 1st July 2015 hosted by Dale Butler and Brendan Fergus.  From then on we decided to continue every 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of each month in the bar at The Old Hall Hotel

In addition to the Acoustic Sessions we had regular concerts using the Tea Room inviting artists to perform

The legendary bluesman Victor Brox was our first guest and the concert was a huge success. It was a sell out.

More concerts followed and we were very proud to present the following guests over the months that followed

Kyla Brox (daughter of Victor), Wizz Jones, Keith Christmas, Dogwood Rose, The Kate Green Band, Zetor in The Kailyard, Nigel Parsons, Elliott Morris, Sarah  McQuaid, The Patrick Walker Band, Treebeard, Steve Daggett, The Rubber Wellies, Steve Tilston, Eric Taylor and Stuart Warburton

The Sound equipment for all these concerts was provided by Dan Davenport of Laluna Technology who worked free of charge as do the organisers and of course made possible by Rick Ellison who allows us to use the premesis Profit made would go to charity


The acoustic sessions continued ever since July 2015 and from April 2016 we started to include a guest spot each session which resulted in better turn out and more floor spots

Some great artists have played at our sessions including Dogwood Rose, Nigel Parsons, Simon Ennals, Franc Cinelli, The Repeters, Skinner & T'witch, Daria Kulesh, Ar Faoued, Bernard Hoskin, Treebeard, India McKellar, Jack's Rake, Treebeard, Chris McMahon, Paul Pearson, Robert Lowdon, Elfin Bow, Raintown Seers, Toein' in the Dark, Spoil The Dance, Sign Of A Teaspoon, Tim and Julie Cole, Peter Buxton and Edwina Hayes

Acoustic sessions have become very popular and its rare that not everyone gets to play

We also organised the music along side the 2017 Easter beer festival fundraiser with 36 performances all playing for free to raise funds for The Red Cross Refugee Support. The Old Hall contributed £800 and we raised £381 in donations A total of £1181

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